Weekend Recap (Easter Edition)




Hi guys! I hope you all had a great weekend. I had an awesome weekend at home with my boyfriend and family. We’re finally getting warm weather so my mood was dramatically increased. I hope spring is finally here!

Friday flew by as quickly as it always does. In the morning I finished up some school work and went on a run. My boyfriend surprised me with lunch and back home we went! I went shopping with my mom (Target!) and played catch with my moms bf for a while. Me & the bf went long-boarding for a bit then I headed home for dinner. After dinner was DQ (of course) and back to his house to hang out for the night.

Saturday wasn’t too busy. I went for a long run around my neighborhood. Me & bf had California Pizza Kitchen (my fav) for lunch and had a little froyo for dessert! I made chocolate covered strawberries with my mom and went to the bf’s for dinner. Relaxation took over after that.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Sunday was rather busy (no surprise). I headed to my grandma’s around 12:30 for dinner with my family until 3pm. I ate so. much. food. We had two of everything and it was delicious. I played with my nephews (missing one of them) and ate more. Around 3 I headed over to the bf’s to celebrate with his family. I had some amazing rolls and played frisbee with his little brother before I headed back to EL.

Overall, my weekend was fantastic and I am not happy to be back to reality. I have three exams, two group projects, and two papers due in the next 8 days. Time to crank it all out!




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