32 Things That Make Me Happy

Venus Trapped in Mars


Doing a linkup today!

1. Spending hours outside on a really sunny and warm day.
2. Having a movie/Netflix marathon on a cozy Friday night.
3. A really, really good run or workout session.
4. Being completely immersed in a book series.
5. Spending the afternoon cooking with my grandma.
6. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter gatherings with my family.
7. Fro-yo and Mexican food and Pizza. All day, erryday.
8. Playing competitive beach volleyball in the summer.
9. Long drives with the windows down and country music blasting.
10. Travel. Travel. Travel. Travel. Travel.
11. Country music concerts. Especially Luke Bryan.
12. Going to Tiger’s games. looooove ‘em.
13. Buying new school supplies. Gimme all the planners.
14. My mom’s chocolate chip cookies.
15. Tailgating for MSU football games.
16. Playing with really hyper puppies.
17. Theo James as Tobias Eaton (Four) in Divergent.
18. Looking at future home ideas on Pinterest.
19. That ‘aha’ moment when a student finally gets it.
20. Smart water, it just tastes so good.
21. Fresh watermelon and pineapple.
22. My Northface jackets & backpack.
23. Blogging.
24. Watching Friends or Modern Family.
25. Girls Night In (Popcorn/Ice Cream, wine, movies)
26. DIY crafts
27. When my boyfriend surprises me with random flowers. Or, just in my boyfriend in general.
28. Reconnecting with an old friend or making a new one.
29. Summer bonfires.
30. Drinking beer (preferably on the sand next to the ocean)
31. Getting my nails done.
32. The weekend.

What makes you happy?




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