Weekend Recap…On a Wednesday

This weekend was one for the books, folks. So clearly I need to recap it for y’all.


one. my sidekick, roomie, bff, partner in being bat shit crazy/borderline psychotic. this weekend wouldn’t have been the success it was without her by my side.

two. so glad i got to catch up with my freshman year roomie & celebrate her 21st bday! college wouldn’t be as awesome without her in my life.

three. the gals and I on Saturday before a St. Patty’s Day celebration. I swear nobody does St. Patty’s Day like MSU!

four. *Cue photo from said St. Patty’s Day celebration* just a couple of my favorite people enjoying the holiday!

five. My favorite picture from the weekend. my boyfriend is the cutest boy ever and I’m so happy I got to spend his 21st birthday with him. also his team won the Case Race so that’s pretty awesome.

six. one of my favorite gals ever. she’s been my one north bitch & bestie since freshman year. happy we went out together friday night!

seven. #TeamToBitches aka my team for the case race! we lost horribly but it was realllllly fun. had a great time getting our asses kicked at the mini games during the day.

eight. the fab 4 aka my gang for the weekend. seriously never stopped laughing when i was with these guys and super glad i got to spend the weekend with them.

nine. also one of the best pictures of the weekend. seriously he is just so precious. i love him to pieces.

this weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in such a long time. so glad I got to celebrate friday, saturday, and sunday. it was a really long weekend that i got to spend with my boyfriend and my friends so i couldn’t be happier. also, it was my nephew’s first birthday so I got to celebrate with him on monday!

also, it’s wednesday so my weekend begins in two days. i’ll be heading back up to CMU to celebrate my boyfriend’s 21st birthday!